You can't do better, until you know better.

When I first started my photography journey, I reached out to a couple local, well known photographers. I asked them if I could buy them a cup of coffee, and pick their brains a bit on all things photography related. Now, I understand I was asking a lot, but I was so disappointed that nobody would take the time to even respond to me. I told myself that if I ever became successful in this field, that I would always do my best to help up and coming photographers succeed. 
I'm happy to say, that's exactly what I've done. From teaching workshops, to doing live Instagram videos every Tuesday night, I've been able to help a group of young, budding photographers pursue their dreams while avoiding some of the big mistakes that I made. 
If you're a new photographer and you'd love to learn more about my one on one mentoring sessions, workshops I'm teaching, or my free education, please reach out!! 
You must invest in yourself to get to where you want to go, and I'd love to be the one that comes along side of you and helps you achieve your dreams. 


You're anxious to build a business. To nurse your dream, or expand your hobby. But, where do you begin? There's so many videos, books, webinars, and courses. What's the right direction to take? How do you know and find your niche? 
I've been where you are. I can help! 
I offer one-on-one mentoring for people just like you. 
I'd love to listen to you, help you grow, and help you build your business in a way that is profitable for you. 
Want to chat? Let's do it! 


                One hour session-$250

  Free Education

Are you 100% new to the world of photography? Just starting to dip your toes in the pools of possibility? Not sure if you're ready to invest in a mentoring session yet? I've got you! 
I offer free education on my Instagram page. This page is specifically for photographers only. I go live every Tuesday to discuss different topics,  to earn your trust, and help you learn and grow from my mistakes. 
I'll try to inspire you, motivate you, and I'm always here to help answer any questions you might have. Sound like something you'd be into? Join the group! It's completely free! 

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I'm Lauren Shambo. An intimate lifestyle & wedding photographer for adventurous and genuine souls.

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based in central new york. available for travel worldwide.

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