6 figure photography

looking to expand or grow in the wedding photography industry, but feeling...

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-Overwhelmed, not knowing where to start
-Unsure of what to charge clients or how to make a profit
-Lost in a saturated market
-Ready to implement changes that will take your business to the next level
-Ready to make consistent 6 figures
-Ready to be done with burnout, fatigue and feeling uninspired

This course is for you. 


What to expect from 6 figure photography

does not include:


-Long, boring lectures

-Nobody wants that! This course is all video's filled with stories, quick and easy application, and practical tips that will keep your attention and help achieve immediate growth!

-Lots of homework & deadlines

-I've been there, and it's just not my style. This course is for you to do at your own pace. You will have access to it as soon as you sign up so you can get right to work. If life gets busy, don't sweat it! It'll be there for when you're ready to get back to it! 

-Photography jargon

-The point of this course is to simplify everything! All the videos are just like you and I are having a cup of coffee in my living room and brainstorming. It's designed to make life easier for you, not leave you feeling overwhlemed! 

-Expensive cost

-This is huge! I remember approaching my husband when I wanted to invest in my first course. It is exactly that, though. It's an investment. Knowledge is power. But, my goal is to keep this affordable for all photographers. So much bang for your buck! 

Hi there! I'm Lauren! I've been a wedding photographer for 5 years now. I have a team of 2 associates and employee 6 amazing people! I consistently make 6 figures, and am passoniate about helping other photographers achieve this goal. I believe you can have it all, and that there is always a seat at the table. 
It hasn't always been smooth sailing, and while there is always more to learn, my goal with this course is to take all the guessing out of photographers looking to expand into the wedding industry and for those who are in it, but are looking to expand and add  streams of passive income. 

This course is everything I wish I knew when I first began. It covers everything from creating attainable goals, to how to grow an associate team. 
It's a step by step guide on how and where to advertise, how to price yourself competitively, and how, when and why you should outsource. 

I think photographers often make the mistake of not setting themselves up for longevity. Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart, but it is the most beautiful and fulfilling career. 
You can absolutely succeed. You can have your cake and eat it too!  

What   they're  saying

This course was incredible!! 
Lauren makes everything so simple, yet it's profound! 
I am so excited to implement everything I've learned from this course! 

-Valerie B. 

Omg Omg Omg. You need this course!! Not want, NEED.  This was so helpful in EVERY area of my business. I've struggled with overwhelm and being stagnant and this course just opened my eyes to so many ways to improve and grow. 
-Sarah L. 

To say this course was worth every penny would be an understatement. Lauren is personable, clear, and she shares SO much. I've learned so much in the 5 modules I've completed, I can't wait to continue. 

-Lexi P. 


What you'll receive:
-13 in depth videos covering all angles of business & how to implement them
-Action steps for you to take as you work through the course and grow your business!
-Access to the course for A FULL YEAR for you to watch over and over as you grow.

What is covered:

Finding your why
Goal setting
Where to begin
Packages & pricing
Client experience
Creating a wedding day timeline
Sending out questionnaires
Day of do’s & don’ts
Post wedding day
Growth & Outsourcing 
*Platforms I use
*Sample questionnaire
*Sample timeline

I want in!

Cost: $499

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does not include:


does not include:


does not include:


a course for creatives looking to consistently make
 6 figures in wedding photography

want to stand out in a saturated market?

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